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How to record the storage of a Safe Custody Document/Item

To record the document/item that is to be stored in Safe Custody this is done by from within the Packet Contents collection in the Deed Packet/Safe Custody Matter.  

The Packet Contents is a multi-row data collection where you have the ability to record the storage of multiple documents/items.

***NOTE that this collection is where you install the initial storage of the document/item as such.  This is not used for where you record the movements/removal of items.  For steps on recording movements see How to record the removal/movement of a document/item.

  1. Firstly, click on the Packet Contents collection
  2. Click on new record

  3. Complete the drop down lists and data as required per item being stored.  

  4. Once complete hit save.     This will then create a single row in the table.  

  5. Repeat steps 1-4 above if you have multiple items to be stored within the Deed packet.

***NOTE - The drop down lists of Record Type, Type of Item etc can be edited and further populated to suit your firm/practice as you would a normal workflow data collection (admin>matter types>[select matter type] Settings button>matter data>manage) as the workflow has been unlocked for your convenience.

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