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How do I get the CLASS Sync Service?

The CLASS sync service is available from Konekta by emailing sales@konekta.com.au

The setup of the CLASS sync service requires the implementation of the CLC Template for Actionstep - Click here to learn more

How long does it take to setup?

The setup of the CLASS sync service duration is dependant on many factors which makes is hard to define the duration of time it will take to setup. 

Can I use the CLASS sync service with Actionstep without the CLC Template?

No, Sorry you must have the CLC Template installed, this is very important. 

The CLC template sets the foundations for accurate data capture within Actionstep. This means you must install the CLC template and new matters created within the Template will then be sent to CLASS.  

Existing Matters will be excluded from the SYNC otherwise it will risk double counting and duplication when the data is sent to CLASS.

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